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Pedasi Area Guide

Pedasi is still and up and coming area in Panama with lots of opportunities to get in on the ground floor of projects, new gated communities, houses and land near the famous beaches or live in the friendly and safe town.

With a thriving expat community of retirees, families and entrepreneurs many people from all over the world now call this Pacific beach community home.

Pedasi can be divided in to the following 4 main areas with other smaller areas between

Los Destiladeros
Playa Venao

About Pedasi

Most people that choose to live in Pedasi Panama describe it as a very unique place to live not just in Panama but in the world. Many of the long term residence stay here because of the strong and close net community and friendship they form with not just with other expats but locals as well. 

Pedasi is considered a safe community with few fences and barbed wire around houses like you see in other parts of Panama. Petty crime still happens like anywhere in the world but your rarely hear of major crime. 

Pedasi is a small town with a small town feel. Traditionally Pedasi was a fishing village with farming of rice and corn taking place in the small farms surrounding the village. However it has been slowly transformed into a popular tourist destination for world travelers and Panamanians alike. 

Pedasi is well known for its beautiful beaches and world class spots fishing as it is located on the "TUNA COAST" 


As of 2022 the direct area of Pedasi that would include the town close surrounding developments has a population of approximately 3,500 people with the overall county of Pedasi including Los Destiladeros, Playa Veno and Pocri having approximately 7,000 people. These numbers are a rough estimate as there has not been a complete census since 2010 and the area has grown since then

Getting to Pedasi

- Drive from Panama City in 4.5 to 5 hours if you do not leave during peak traffic times

- Bus from Panama City to Las Tablas then transfer to taxi or smaller bus at Las Tablas bus station

- Fly to Pedasi Airport from Panama City's Albrook Airport in 1 hour. Currently Panama Air and two other charters make regular trips to Pedasi but this can change based on season so please check for current information

- Shuttles: private companies run mini vans from Tocumen Airport to Playa Venao with stops in Pedasi with a typical cost of $45-$65 USD

- Uber or Taxis will make the drive from Panama City for a much lower cost than you would think for the 4.5 to 5 hour drive
More Info....


- Beaches

- Surfing

- Sport fishing

- Live music

- Carnival

- Night markets in the town square

- Cultural events in the town square


For a small town Pedasi has a lot of restaurants...... A LOT! Because of the international community that lives here there is a wide variety of cuisine to choose from. Most towns this size in Panama do not have the options Pedasi has yet another unique thing about this town. More Info.....

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