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Moving to Panama with Kids

More and more people are moving to Panama with family for the safety and warm weather. Panama is no longer a place for just retired people, many young couples, and families are moving to Panama. Relocating to Panama itself is a new challenge for most people. But moving to Panama with children is even a greater challenge. Hats off to parents who made this hard but great choice for your kids.

Today we hope to ease your concerns about moving to Panama with kids. One of the most asked questions among families moving to Panama is the school option.

What are school options in Panama?

Are there any good bilingual/international schools in Panama?

Can they go to a public school in Panama?

How is the education level in Panama?

What is the cost of private school in Panama?

Is it an accredited school?

If you live in Panama city, you have a lot of options for your children’s education. There are many bilingual schools and international schools in Panama city and surrounding areas. But not everyone wants to live in the big city.

Pedasi is located in a 45min airplane ride or 4 1/2 hour drive from Panama City. It is an up-and- coming beach town for a lot of expats. Beautiful beaches are only 5 to 10 min away, this charming town is quiet(except for the festival season), clean, and Panamanians are very welcoming and kind.

Here is some information for schools in Pedasi and surrounding areas.

There are several choices for school.

1. Montessori Pedasi

Montessori Pedasi is a carefully prepared environment that reflects the child’s inner desire to learn. They opened in December 2021 founded by Montessori Master Teacher Crystal who has worked in Montessori for 24 years. With international experience owning and operating schools worldwide, she met a family who wanted Montessori in Pedasi. After some time, she decided to make the move and open a community learning center here in Pedasi.

2. Manglares Discovery School in Canas

We believe in the child-led approach.

We embrace a curriculum that appeals to the senses and develops a child's ability to think and creative self-expression.

3. Public School

Yes, expats children can go to Public school. Benefit of going to a public school is that kids can make a lot of local friends. Their Spanish will improve really fast. Their actual education part might get behind due to a lack of Spanish language skill but you can always follow up at home. Kids will come home early so they have plenty of time to enjoy after school activities such as sports. But not all teachers speak English so parents are required to have some basic Spanish knowledge or have a translator or a good friend who will help you. Read More

4. CADI Bilingual Academy in Las Tablas

It is a very popular private school among local Panamanians. Majority of students are Panamanians. They teach from preschool to high school. Located in Las Tablas and David. It is a traditional classroom setting. What they are unique about is its Robotic classes and Folklore classes. They are focused on learning technology and keeping their Panamanian traditions. It takes about 45 min from Pedasi by car and most students either take a school bus or parents drive kids to school.

5. Online Schools

There are many school choices out there for Online schools that are accredited. Such as Education World Wide. Online Schools allow us to be able to travel, work on your own space, live somewhere cheep or live by the ocean and still be able to attend school.

6. Homeschool Homeschooling is on the rise. If you are willing to take time for kids to educate, this is possible. Pedasi is a great place for kids to learn. There are beaches, rivers and mountains. This is the place where turtles come to lay eggs, whales come to mate and give birth. It is a habitat for many wild animals. It is a place of biodiversity. Thanks to the high-speed internet and online materials, you can easily do regular school work. You can buy textbooks online and ship them here. If you want your children to make friends, there are many free public sports classes, chess classes and so on in Pedasi that they can join. Homeschool requires your work, consistency and patience but it is possible.

In a nutshell, your options are not limited. In the beginning, if you don’t speak Spanish, it will be hard to adjust and enroll kids to school depending on the option you choose. Great thing about Pedasi is there are many kids sports activities such as soccer, basketball, karate, swimming, boxing, gymnastics and so on. There is also a chess club at the library. Even if you choose online education, you will get to integrate with people and learn their culture. People are friendly in general. Pedasi is a great place to raise a family. Imagine, enjoy your ocean view from your house and you could still educate your kids.

Why don’t you come and check it out?

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