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Torio Beach Guide

Torio area has many unique beaches. Surfing, bodyboarding, fishing, and swimming are possible at most of these beaches. However, they are often empty of visitors and you can enjoy a day on the beach in a quiet relaxing way.

Torio Beach has two entrances, as you enter town over the river, turn right by the first street. Follow the road all the way to the beach. There is plenty of parking and people often enjoy picnicking from their vehicles. Torio surf is good for beginners to advance depending on the tide conditions.

Alternatively, take a right by the second street and follow the road going straight down to the beach. Park off-street in front of the school or church.

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Malena Beach, Torio

Malena beach is a colorful beach lined with fisherman boats and children playing. Enjoy a long walk on the beach to the river mouth or come at night with a red light and volunteer with Anna’s exemplary turtle rescue center. Anna and her volunteers work every night during the turtle breeding season, which is from August to November.  Over the last decade, they have successfully released thousands of baby turtles and are often visited by young university researchers from around the world.  

Ask for Abis or one of the other fishermen to take you for a day outing to Isla Cebaco.  Amazing surf, coral reef, and fishing make it the perfect outing to impress your friends.

Palo Seco Beach, Torio

Palo Seco has three different beaches hidden from view.  As you enter the town, turn right by the first crossroad. Drive a few hundred meters past the houses and park. The beach is a short walk away and offers the perfect place to teach surfing to your kids. Alternatively, turn left at the crossroad and keep going until you get to another crossroad, turn right. The road takes you all the way down to the pier where fishermen launch from. Here are a few small ‘fondas’ and a little snack shop. If you continue past the above-mentioned crossroad, you get to Coconut Beach. A beautiful place to spend the day in the shade, surfing, and swimming.

Playa Reina Torio

Playa Reina, Torio

A short drive from the town of Mariato, you find Playa Reina, famous for its consistent waves and launching of fishing boats. Drive down to the beach to enjoy a day swimming, and collecting sea shells, or visit Hotel Playa Reina for a drink on the pool deck with a spectacular view over the ocean.

Morrillo Beach, Torio

Morrillo beach is the secret most surfers won’t share.  Only accessible by 4x4 in the rainy season, you will be stunned by the sheer beauty of this beach and the perfect barrels for surfing.  


Bring water and food as there are no shops or any other amenities except for Casa Morrillo offering rooms and a beach restaurant.

Morrillo Beach Torio
Mata Oscura.png

Mata Oscura, Torio

The beaches around Mata Oscura are also protected under the community Turtle conservation initiative. Rip currents can make it dangerous to swim in. Enjoy a mountain bike ride all the way along the beach road to Quebro river or watch the sunset from the football field.

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