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Torio Area Guide

About Torio

Torio is the new kid on the block when it comes to growing ex-pat communities in Panama.  Torio became popular for the many surf beaches along the strip of the Azuero Peninsula. This area is also famous for its stunning sunsets over the Pacific Ocean and Isla Cebaco. 


Torio is just one of the small family-oriented communities in the Mariato district. It’s popular for its stunning ocean-view properties and the mixed group of local Panamanians, Europeans, South Americans, North Americans, and many more.


The local villages are mostly fisherman communities and surrounding the villages are small-scale cattle farmers who can be seen on horseback all over the place.


Torio has a beautiful pristine river that offers picnic spots and swim-holes for the adventurous. There are many hiking trails, especially the hikes leading to the Torio Waterfall. 


Torio is very close to the famous surf at Morrillo beach and during the dry season, it offers residents world-class surf conditions without the crowds.


Torio is rapidly expanding from a little hamlet of 250 people. You see new faces every day as many people from all around the world are attracted to the wholesome and nature-rich environment. 


There are a lot of community gatherings happening between different groups and often they all gather at the local artisanal market on Saturdays. Torio is roughly in the middle of the Mariato district.


The Mariato district has about 5 500 residents and makes up the seaside hamlet of Playa Reina, fisherman villages of Palo Seco, Malena, Torio, Mata Oscura, and ends in Quebro, a rice farming community.

Getting to Torio

- Drive from Panama City in 4 hours if you do not leave during peak traffic times

- Bus from Panama City to Santiago then transfer to taxi or smaller bus at Santiago bus station.

- Take the Santiago Express bus from Allbrook in Panama City. Switch to the Mariato mini-bus at Santiago City central bus station. These mini-buses leave every 30 minutes.

- Shuttles: contact Slym Sands who run a private minivan from Tocumen Airport to Torio.  You can contact him at+507 6271 2738


- Beaches

- Surfing

- Sport fishing

- Saturday Market

- Hiking Trails

- Mountain Biking

- Electric Bike Rentals

- Horse Riding

- Paddle Boarding

- Snorkelling at Isla Cebaco

- Paragliding

- Turtle conservation volunteering


The restaurants in Torio are clustered together in the central town area. A wide variety of international chefs and cooks have mouth-watering dishes on offer. A short drive away, you can find amazing restaurants all with stunning views of the sunset over the ocean.

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