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Copa Airline to add 3 new routes in 2023!!!

Copa Airlines, the flag carrier of Panama announced on April 13, 2023 that the operation dates for its three new destinations including Baltimore and Austin in the United States, and Manta in Ecuador, for a total of 80 destinations in 33 countries throughout the Americas.

The airline will add 15 Boeing 737 MAX planes to its fleet, in addition to adding at least three new routes, they also increase the frequency of flights to multiple destinations. The expansion plans aim to increase tourism and job growth in Panama while also boosting the airline’s international network.

“By incorporating three new routes and increasing flight frequencies to a variety of destinations, Copa Airlines estimates an 11% growth in the number of passengers compared to 2022. At the end of 2023, it expects to transport 16.1 million passengers while operating 328 daily flights, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.”

Panama is growing.

There are also direct flights from Panama city to Pedasi, and Chitre by Air Panama. This will definitely encourage tourists to visit our beautiful destinations.

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